Moving Day in Boston

Today is (hopefully) the fifth and final day of moving to my new apartment in Cambridge – not more than two miles from my old place in the Fenway. Boston has a something of a holiday around September 1 known as “moving day” because there are so many students and so many September 1 leases. I’ve been an observer of the mass moving phenomenon for the last three years – the longest I’ve ever stayed in one dwelling – but I have now experienced the joy of the Boston intra-city move first-hand.
I’ve noticed that my 25-30 year old friends tend to announce a common manifesto during a hot summer’s move: “This is my last move, next time I’m hiring professional movers.” This result of this policy is akin to the classic line of regret: “I’m never drinking that much again!” For a few, the policy is actually implemented. For most, future mistakes only illustrate one’s foolishness.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have a few things at the old apartment…

2 thoughts on “Moving Day in Boston”

  1. heh. Thats *exactly* what I said when I moved from England (Oxford) to Boston (JP).
    And what I said when I moved across JP.
    And from JP to Lynn.
    *next time*

  2. I’ve used professional movers for my last few moves, but I’m here to tell you that moving still SUCKS. I’m never moving again! (Shyah, right.)

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