Miniature Credit Card

Bank of America has introduced the “Mini Card”. It’s like a regular credit card but smaller. The idea is that it attaches to your key ring like one of those little supermarket cards. How convenient? It works in slide-style machines, but you’ll have to make sure your keys don’t get in the way. If you have to hand your card to the clerk you may encounter resistance, or may be denied use outright. That means you’ll have to have your full size card with you as a backup, which defeats the purpose of having the mini-card.
The card purports to be safer because the numbers are small. I’m not too worried about people memorizing my 16 digit number after spying my card as it swipes through the swiper, but I would be worried if my card got stolen or lost. In that case, at least I’d know that the occasionally clerk might check the signature on the card – something that is sure never to happen with the mini-card.
Overall, I’m happy to see innovation in consumer products, but I’d opt for technological advances that actually made life easier than gimmicks like useless microchips and smaller cards. How about a card that includes supermarket data? You could just print the barcode from my Shaw’s Card onto my credit card and clean up my wallet. Why not print my frequent flyer number on there too, and my movie rental account information? (Or encode it directly on the card, or in a database that can be accessed with the card.) How about getting rid of the key ring all together? How about a card that is the key.
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