ManRay Goes Down

Apparently I tend to live not so much in the path of destruction, but rather, across the street from destruction. My first Boston apartment felt the heat of a major fire (pictures), and my current abode was recently rumbled by the destruction of the building formerly known as ManRay nightclub.
The reason for the closing of ManRay is less than apparent. After some research (okay, Google) I found this Harvard Crimson article explaining that the ManRay replacement will be a large apartment building by First Cambridge Reality Corporation (let’s hope their properties are better designed than their website). I also found a mention in the Cambridge City Council meeting resolutions:

WHEREAS: Man Ray is a hip Cambridge destination that the City does not want to lose; now therefore be it
ORDERED: That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to confer with the Assistant City Manager for Community Development and the Director of Economic Development to contact the owners of the Man Ray night club to determine if the City can in any way assist in finding a suitable place to relocate this club.

Despite the warning signs, I was surprised at just how quickly the club was demolished. I took a picture after they tore off the roof, the next day… rubble.
ManRay Nightclub Demolition
ManRay Nightclub Demolition