Law Site Suit

The Contracts exam is now over. It was as difficult as expected so keep your fingers crossed for me. By the time I get the grade it will probably be long forgotten, but then I can pick up my bluebook and ponder the confusing questions once again.
Now there is only one class left for which to study: Civil Procedure. I don’t mind it. (Funny, because I hated it at the beginning of the year.) So it’s going to be couple days of thinking about how it all fits together. Unlike property or Contracts, there aren’t massive amounts of rules and exceptions to learn. Instead, there is a little bit more policy stuff. Plus I feel like we didn’t cover as much this semester as last.
In other news. A student at Louisiana State University Law Center is being sued for copyright infringement due to his domain name: A New York Times headline reads, “Welcome to Our Law School, Young Man. We’ll See You in Court.” I think that’s pretty funny. Checking out his site, it doesn’t look like it’s super popular. According to Google, there are no sites that link to it. I’m sure all that has changed with the release of the article, which not only makes me want to link to it, but also makes me want to ask him for a link to He’s undoubtedly seeing a lot of traffic today.
Good luck on your exams Mr. Dorhauer, and good luck with your law suit.