Law School Discussion Reaches PR6!

At some recent time, Law School Discussion achieved a Google Page-Rank of 6/10. 6 of 10 is actually fairly difficult to achieve, so I’m happy to see the site progressing. There have been a lot of new posts lately too, so I’d say the site is doing pretty well these days.
I wish I could say the same about the Arts Law Association at Boston University. I’m frustrated with the policies of the Student Bar Association, which controls the funding for all student groups. They want a budget within a week of school starting and they don’t like to approve any spending. I was trying to get a speaker this semester but the fact that I don’t yet have someone confirmed will probably prevent the whole thing from happening. I don’t know why the law school decided that the best way to distribute funding to student groups is through a few elected students that seem to want to re-live high school and drink cheap beer under florescent lights, but it has.