Law Firms Recruit with Junk Food

bar exam recruiting giftThere are lots of companies that print logos and brands on otherwise generic products to help spread corporate messages through molded plastic junk. At least one such company knows law firm recruiting departments comprise a big class of potential customers. For creative ways to spend that recruiting budget, Big Frey Promotional Products offers a variety of cups, pens, and toy balls. Such products help ensure that a firm hires only the most competent future lawyers.
To maintain a candidate’s positive image of the firm after acceptance of the offer, the firm may wish to follow up with one of several exam support care packages. The Classic Exam Survival Kit packages together about $5 worth of junk food and bills the firm $25. That’s all fine and dandy for regular exams, but to get through the bar exam you’re going to need a little more. The Classic Bar Exam Survival Kit contains almost all the same items, but includes one notable addition: Advil.
If you happen to be legal recruiting professional, I suggest that nothing will make as big an impression on candidates than a new tortfeasor shirt.