Keep Up with the Jones

I’m amazed to discover that Jesus Jones is not only still a band, but that they put out an album in 1997, another one recently, and they’re about to tour the US! This was one of my favorite bands back in junior high. They made it big with one hit “Right Here, Right Now” from their second album “Doubt”. They put out a third album “Perverse” in 1993. By then they were fading from glory. I bought an autographed copy of it for $3 when I was in high school. (For the Seattle kids, I bought it at that “Top Cash” place on the Ave. That place rocks.)
The true glory of Jesus Jones, in my opinion, was their first album, “Liquidizer”. Bring-bring, bring, bring it on down. Oh yeah. That song made it into Rock and Roll High School Forever, staring Cory Feldman. Rent it tonight!