Inkjet Ink Scam

I’m in the market for a low-end laser printer. Any recommendations?
My old ink-jet printer works just fine, but I want something that prints in ink that won’t smear at a quality professional enough for cover letters and resumes. That’s a fine reason for buying a laser printer, but quality and smearing aside, the outrageous cost of inkjet ink should dissuade anyone from buying an inkjet printer, or at least from buying inkjet ink.
By now we should all know that printer ink, like video camera batteries and refills for the swiffer mop, are one of the great scams of our time. Rob Cockerham has figured out that ink for his printer costs more per fluid ounce than Chanel Number 5.
TechTV has discovered a printer that actually costs less than the included ink cartridge. Amazon offers the Lexmark Z605 for $47, including one black and one color ink cartridge. These sell for $28 and $30 respectively, giving the buyer $58 in ink with a $47 printer. Under this pricing structure, we should expect to see Z605s out on the sidewalk as soon as they use up the included cartridges. It is cheaper to just buy a new printer than to buy the ink.

2 thoughts on “Inkjet Ink Scam”

  1. i just bought a Samsung laser printer for the same purpose, and it works like a charm. bought it for $99, but there’s a deal on where you can get it for $79 at Office Depot.

  2. I also just bought a cheap Samsung laser printer (ML-1710 is the model number) for only $79 (net): $149 at J&R with a $70 mail-in rebate.

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