IKEA Stoughton Opens

After years of waiting, IKEA comes to the student metropolis of Stoughton, Massachusetts. It’s here, no doubt, to serve the greater Stoughton metropolitan area – namely the student meccas of Boston and Cambridge. I’ve actually earned a degree in the time I’ve been IKEA-less (exceptions for visits to Renton (WA), Woodbridge (VA), Elizabeth (NJ), and New Haven (CT), but the wait is no more.
Of course, if you decide to go opening weekend the wait continues in the form of traffic. I waited over an hour in the traffic between the freeway and the parking lot on Saturday afternoon, but I knew what I was getting into (and also what I was getting). Friends say I’m crazy for making the trip, but I ask you: Is it unreasonable to be excited about affordable well designed furniture? Of course it’s not – and they were handing out hundreds of windshield sun-screens that would corroborate this point.