Ikea Pilgrimage

No apartment is complete without some high-design, low-budget furniture from the world’s allen-wrench headquarters: Ikea. Despite Ikea’s popularity (and no-doubt profitability), they’ve been unable to open a store anywhere remotely near Boston. (Some theorize this is the result of the local furniture mafia.) This has driven countless Bostonians to either (1) buy unfinished pine bookcases or (2) make the Ikea pilgrimage.
The Ikea pilgrimage used to require a four hour drive to New Jersey or Long Island, but now budget minded modernists can pick up particle board in New Haven, Connecticut. I made my pilgrimage last weekend: three hours down, five hours there, and three hours back. It was a long day, but well worth it. Here’s a picture from the massive parking lot (packed of course):
ikea New Haven

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  1. It’s a very strange building – and I have no idea what the story is behind it. I do know that the other side (which faces the freeway) has some HUGE banners with female tennis players on them – and that they’ve been there for years (though one of them was replaced recently with a big Ikea banner).

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