I Am Trying to Listen to Wilco

The Coolidger Corner Theatre is one of the great independent movie houses remaining in this country. I think I’ve mentioned it before. The other night they showed, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco“. The film details the making of Wilco’s latest album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Funny enough, the website details the making of the film. I’m working on a project to detail the making of the website, while my roommates are observing me to write a song about the making of the project.
I never really got into Wilco before, but they’re a pretty good band. They have great mellow songs, but their more “rockin'” songs don’t really do it for me. I have this problem with Spiritualized as well, but I’m not trying to compare bands. The film itself was pretty interesting. Apparently, WEA was unhappy with the delivered album and, after the band refused to change it, dropped the band from the label. This left the band with a completed album to sell. Eventually, they made a deal with Nonesuch, which is actually owned by WEA. They described this as “one of the great scams of music history.” This lack of efficiency is one of the problems of subsidiary labels in the music industry. It’s for the better though, because the subsidiaries get more control over the music, making it less like five companies controlling everything we hear.