I Am a Lexis Champion

Lexus Elite MemberIt’s only fitting that Lexis should reward me with 10,000 points for my efforts in determining the true market value of both the Lexis point and the Westlaw point. Actually, this is really a reward for my tireless daily logging-in to the Lexis database just to get the points. My winning contest entry no doubt results from the 50 bonus entries Lexis gave me for being an “elite member” – which is Lexis’s way of trying to make it sound prestigious to login to their system each day.
I’m now in the final running to win a Lexus automobile. It’s funny that Lexis has chosen to play off the similarity between the Lexis and Lexus names, especially since Lexis sued Toyota for trademark infringement when they Toyota wanted to name the car “Lexus” in the first place.
I suppose if I win the grand prize I can opt for some tuition money instead of the car. Tuition money would certainly be a lot more useful to me than a two-ton gas-guzzling body of metal and glass designed to move all 165 lbs. of me from impossibly rare parking spot A to impossibly rare spot B.