Hosting for Tattoos

Mindfield Media is offering free web hosting for life. The only catch: you have to get a tattoo. This promotion is, of course, working because people like me keep linking to them. (The logos don’t actually say the name of the company, so unless they were making a huge branding push, they would generate few, if any, sales from the tattoos.)
A lot can happen in a lifetime. 100 megabytes might not have much value sixty years from now, and it might be decided that “cheep” should be spelled “cheap”… oh wait.
If you’re in the market for hosting but don’t want to permanently alter your appearance, you might try the horribly named service I use for this site: my site space. It’s only $40 /yr and has almost every feature one could want. Not super reliable, but when something goes wrong they fix it and point out that “hey, it’s only 40 bucks.” (via BoingBoing)