Homebrew Brew

pint of homebrewI started brewing my own beer over the last couple months. It’s quite an enjoyable process involving simple ingredients, a reasonable amount of effort, and positive results. Much like baking bread, there are very few ingredients but infinite variety in the finished product. It’s also a hobby that requires cool equipment like giant stainless steel pots, tubes, siphons, bottle cap crimpers, etc. Brewing has great colors too: lots of copper, brown, and shiny silver (the stainless steel).
brewing with extract My first brew was a bock, which did not turn out that great (something about lack of cold-aging, “lagering”, that I didn’t do). The second brew (pictured) is a Belgian Dubbel that turned out great. I’m still a beginning brewer so I’m using malt extract as one of my ingredients. In the picture here I’m pouring the syrupy goodness that is malt extract into my beer. Over time, I plan to amass an arsenal of brewing gear, which I’ll use to expand into “all grain” brewing.