Haymarket and Fancy Travel

I went down to Haymarket today and took some pictures. Hence the new Haymarket Photo Gallery. The market is interesting because there are so many different types of people buying so many different kinds of food. It’s sad that, in a street full of very inexpensive food, there are poor people scavenging for food off the ground and trying to get more than they pay for.
I picked up five ears of corn, five onions, and a huge cantaloupe for $3.50, not a bad deal at all.
I meant to mention the other day that I tried and failed to upgrade to first class on both my flights last week. My dad is a frequent traveler and has a supply of “first class upgrade” coupons. It seems to me that these coupons aren’t really worth much, as they require there to be an open seat in first class before one can upgrade. I didn’t mind not being “upgraded”. It was a domestic flight so they didn’t have any of those fancy massage chairs or anything like that. (Virgin Atlantic includes a limo pickup with their “Upper Class” ticket. You can opt to be picked up on a motorcycle in case you think you’re James Bond and you just can’t be bothered to waste another minute cracking the secret code.)
Thinking about the possibility of an upgrade, I was reminded of a short film called The Upgrade in which Minnie Driver plays a first class obsessed traveler. Funny stuff.