Googlism will tell you everything that Google “knows” about a particular topic. Google knows who I am:
Who is Andrew Sinclair?

  • andrew sinclair is a law student at boston university and he also runs lawschooldiscussion
  • andrew sinclair is still living
  • andrew sinclair is clearly influenced by the wizard of oz
  • andrew sinclair is a parent who has withdrawn his child from the kindergarten out of concern for the effects of the telco tower (okay – that one’s not true – but damn that telco tower!)
    What is Law School?

  • law school is for those who like torture
  • law school is nothing like medical school
  • law school is located on the right
  • law school is an act of bad faith
  • law school is the right choice
    Where is Carmen Sandiego?

  • carmen sandiego is right here
  • carmen sandiego is hiding
  • carmen sandiego is operating based on geographical clues
  • carmen sandiego is hiding out
  • carmen sandiego is on our milk cartons at school
    What is Boston?

  • boston is a city of neighborhoods
  • boston is in big trouble
  • boston is just as important to the well being of the united states as it was over 400 years ago
  • boston is heartbreak
  • boston is doing it
    (via David Galbraith)