The NY Times ran an article today about people losing interest in their gadgets. This is a plea to those in the article, especially the girl in the picture that is making an “I just don’t care” motion to her palm pilot and iPod: Please send your “boring” gadgets to me! This goes out to anyone who was nodding in agreement as while reading the article too.
I don’t know that I’ve ever lost interest in a gadget. I’m not as spend happy or gadget obsessed as some, but I use my CD burner to back up my computer every two weeks. I take digital pictures all the time, and my new laser printer has been churning out printed pages since I got it.
The only gadgets I don’t use are those that are broken… from use. My camera lens doesn’t auto focus anymore (I think due to snow), and my old printer is out of its expensive ink (due to printing).
One gadget I’m amazed that I’ve survived without is a cell phone, but I have no job and my friends are all easy to reach: I just call their cell phones. I do have a normal phone of course.
Some gadgets are more useful than others. Aside from my computer, my most useful gadget is my other computer. I have to admit that I was distracted today by Sony’s new tiny computer, but the one I have is still going strong. It’s not “old” or “in a drawer” by any means.