Friendster is Actually Kinda Cool

Friendster is a lot more fun and interesting than I thought it would be. Someone invited me to join and I was really surprised to see a lot of my friends already enrolled. If you haven’t signed up yet, I’d suggest taking a look. My only critique is that you can’t make adjustments for how well you know people. I have lots of friends, but there are some I talk to daily and others I only see annually. I have some really good friends that I hardly ever see, and I have others that I see often but still don’t really know that well. These differences should be accounted for on the system.
Okay – just one more critique. When you’re looking for people that might already be on the system, it’s very hard to determine whether they’re actually the person you think they are. I understand the privacy issue, but the system should allow some information whereby one could determine if John Smith is really the John Smith who lives next door, and not the psycho killer John Smith that lives across the country.
The system is kind of funny: “Please only add this person if they are really your friend.” “So-and-so is your friend.”
If anyone is looking for me on the system, I’m using my address. So that’s my first name at