Frank Chu’s International Message

I was watching CNN’s coverage of the San Francisco gay marriage story this weekend when I noticed an old familiar sight: the black “12 Galaxies” protest sign that is all but physically connected to hand of a Mr. Frank Chu. Indeed, Frank Chu is now spreading his message on international television.
Coincidently, Nick Aster has discovered a 12 Galaxies night club, no doubt named for Mr. Chu.
Who is Frank Chu? He’s the guy in my “people” logo like the one you see right there on the right.

One thought on “Frank Chu’s International Message”

  1. Frank’s level of celebrity has almost reached the ‘movie star’ status he’s claimed all along. At the spearhead/string cheese/blackalicious gig in Golden Gate park a few weeks ago, Frank was wandering around and he couldn’t go 10 feet without someone high-fiving him. I offered him a beer to which he replied, ‘ohyes verygood thankyou yes’.

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