Ford Rouge Plant

ford rouge roofI took a trip to Detroit last weekend and visited Ford’s massive Rouge manufacturing facility. Ford only recently resumed tours of the plant after closing the tour about 25 years ago. The new tour is a Disneyland style “experience” with giant video screens, flashy buses (old city buses painted over to look new – but obviously old), and tour t-shirts. It was actually quite interesting.
The tour and marketing campaigns make a big point of the fact that the new assembly facility is an environmentally advanced building. The US Green Building Council has given the site a Gold LEED rating. The building features a giant green roof and a (semi) permeable parking lot.
It’s nice to see companies developing environmental buildings, but the idea of an ultra-enviro-friendly car manufacturing facility is just a little bit ridiculous. Isn’t manufacturing hundreds of gas guzzling F-150 pickups in a green building something like building WMDs in a hospital?