Filene’s Dungeon

Some people enjoy shopping. Some even consider it a hobby. I find it burdensome. I don’t want to have to go around and look at ugly clothes and wonder if they’ll fit in and if they’ll fit me and if the price fits my budget. It’s all about size. I ventured out to downtown crossing to see if I couldn’t find a couple new shirts for work. It was work. The strangest part was the dressing room at Filene’s Basement. It warrants a new paragraph…
If Filene’s Basement really is a basement (and it is), then the men’s dressing room is the dungeon. It’s not that you go down another flight of stairs to get there, but you definitely go down another level. One minute you’re picking through the generally bad clothes (granted, they’re priced to sell) and the next minute you’re entering the prison changing room. See, at Filene’s Basement, there is only one men’s dressing room. Imagine each man’s shock (I bet it’s mostly first timers, I doubt too many come back) when he turns the corner expecting to find a hallway of doors and instead is blinded by the site of ten half-naked men. It’s crowded, so you have to be careful not to bump into anyone as you’re maneuvering the clothes on and off of your body. Overall, there’s nothing wrong with the concept, but I really think Filene’s should warn people what they’re about to get into. Consider yourself warned. (Ladies, I’d be interested to hear a report of the women’s facilities. They no doubt include several leather sofas, an open bar, complementing staff…)

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  1. Andrew: Contrary to what you may think the women’s fitting room at Filene’s Basement is exactly the same. You see not only half naked women but totally naked ones as well! I agree. Filene’s should let its customers know how the facilities are in the Basement.

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