FedEx Kinko’s and E*Trade Logos

I was thinking recently about the similarity between the E*Trade logo and the new FedEx Kinko’s logo. I saw a commercial for E*Trade but thought their asterisk was telling me something about Kinko’s. Where there’s consumer confusion there’s either (1) a dumb consumer (me maybe…), or (2) a strong trademark infringement case.
Have a look at the two logos:
etrade and FedEx Kinko's logos
They’re very different, but the strong feature (especially in the case of E*Trade) is the large multicolored asterisk. Interestingly, I only just noticed that the E*Trade asterisk contains two colored arrows, and that, coincidently, the FedEx logo also contains a hidden arrow. The FedEx Kinko’s asterisk contains arrows as well, most obvious in their physical sign.
kinkos sign
Between E*Trade, Kinko’s, and FedEx, there are enough arrows to arm Robin Hood. For more on the hidden FedEx arrow, check out yesterday’s interview with the creator of the FedEx logo on The Sneeze, and check out Typographica for an interesting analysis of the FedEx Kinko’s combination. You can also view all of the FedEx logos here.