Famous Hands

I’ve been listening to a lot of Spiritualized┬« lately in preparation and anticipation
of their concert in Boston this Saturday. The tour supports the new Spiritualized®
album Amazing Grace. Spiritualized CDs are always innovative in their artwork
and packaging. The best of which has to the be the “Ladies and Gentlemen we
are floating in space BP”, which looks like a pharmacy package (“for aural use”).

The latest album cover is a picture of hand:

But I’ve been listening to something else with a hand on the cover too. Two
hands in fact:

And thinking about hands on album covers reminds me of yet another album, one
that’s actually called “hands”. The Spinanes have four hands on their album

All three albums seem to use hands to express human acts of reaching and caring.

Insurance companies and non-profits have developed their own, now famous, hands
to express similar acts.

You’re in good hands with Allstate:

United Way will make a rainbow over you, but the Boys & Girls Clubs will
teach you a secret handshake.

Food marketers have also created some famous hands.

There’re the yuppie Country Crock hands:

And our pal, the Hamburger Helper hand:

Indeed there are hands for just about anything. There’re even some famous legal

The hand of Hawkins:

And, of course, Judge Learned Hand: