Electric Disaster

I came home last week to find that the power on one floor of my apartment was not working. I was about to go home for Christmas so I called the landlord to report the problem and left town a few hours later.
When I got back, a full week later, the power had not been restored. The landlord had left a note stating that the electric company had disconnected the power to that floor because the bill had not been paid. We’ve been paying our bills for the 2.5 years that we’ve lived here, so this was news to me. It turns out that one floor of our apartment is on a different electric account than the other. When we moved in, we asked for power for “Apartment 3”. They put us on “Floor 3” and did nothing about “Floor 2”.
The fridge, TV, and lights have been running for 2.5 years with no one paying (or even knowing about) the bill. It looks like we’re going to have to pay a monstrous electric bill. It seems to me that having two electric bills for one apartment is an odd configuration, and I can’t imagine it’s the consumer’s responsibility to ask “and by the way, are there any other accounts that might go to my apartment that I should know about?” upon moving into an apartment.
Nevertheless, I suppose we should pay the bill. We did use the power, and we’ve been enjoying low electric bill for the last 2.5 years. Assuming that the power company will give us a payment plan and not charge us extra fees, our biggest loss is not the warm fish and chicken that has been spoiling in the freezer for over a week, but rather the fresh unsmelly air that will be instantaneously permeated by stench when we break the refrigerator’s seal.