Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure

bike laneBicycling is one of the most efficient means of transportation, but the bicycles can only truly be effective when a society builds the infrastructure to support them. While the US struggles to fit bicycles into a transportation system built for the ridiculously inefficient automobile, the Netherlands has created a system where both cars and bikes can peacefully coexist.
The density of Dutch cities allows people to travel shorter distances, thus encouraging biking over driving. Cars are not given many concessions. bikeThey’re not permitted on many narrow city streets and gasoline and parking are very expensive. Bike riders, on the other hand, enjoy ample free parking, access to nearly any road, and a dedicated lane on any car-shared road. In addition, the popularity of bicycles allows for cheap parts and widespread availability of maintenance shops. Biking in the Netherlands is for everyone. Businessmen commute on bikes and homemakers travel to the grocery store on bikes. Whereas bike riders in the US tend to be young, active people, the accessibility of bikes to all age groups and lifestyles in the Netherlands ensures that the standard means of transportation is an efficient one.