“Don’t Try to Change My Plan”

I’ve been extremely impressed with the progression of the Drum & Bass Arena website. Whether you like drum & bass or not, you have to appreciate the quality of this site. The Drum & Bass scene is a small scene. There aren’t many news articles, award shows, huge tours (though there are some), or any of the other things you’d associate with a successful music scene. Drum & Bass arena, however, brings the music to the masses. I’m most impressed with the new DnB TV feature that actually broadcasts interviews and live sets over the internet for free. Even a couple years ago it wouldn’t have been possible to organize a global music scene around a small group of relatively unpopular artists, but Drum & Bass arena has done just that.
I don’t mean to sound like I’m writing ad copy for Drum & Bass Arena, but I really think it’s one of the best uses of the internet to date. They’re really done something amazing with presumably very little in the way of resources. Creating independent video programming documenting a music scene that is still very much underground is no small feat. Bringing it to a world wide audience is an impressive task. Well done.