Don’t Gimme No Smac

smacAs promised, here is some international SPAM. Please excuse the slightly unclear picture; it was taken under intense field conditions (I didn’t want to actually buy this stuff).
Hormel Foods, the makers of SPAM in the United States, note that they don’t mind people using the term “spam” to talk about unsolicited bulk email as long the word is written in lowercase. They reserve their trademark rights in the uppercase “SPAM”.
I assume that the Dutch version is actually not SPAM at all, but a similar processed meat product (note the rectangular can). The Dutch distributor Unox avoids confusion with either the US meat product SPAM or spam emails by going with a different name altogether: SMAC.
For some reason though there is no SMAC on the internet – so I’m bringing it to you live from Leiden. Unox does have a nice website with some other interesting canned meat products.
Interestingly, MS Word doesn’t attempt to correct my spelling of “SPAM”, but won’t allow “spam” without that all too familiar red squiggly line.

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