Dollars and Common Sense

This $200 note is blatantly fake, but I’ve known plenty of people, since elementary school, that think $500 and $1000 notes exist in the United States. Of course they’re correct. There are $500 and $1000 notes around, but they tend to be in museums. The Treasury does not currently produce anything higher than the $100 note.
There are some political considerations behind the size of a country’s largest note. I always assumed that the &#8364500 note was produced to make things easier for cultures that tend to pay with cash, but Eric Schlosser points out that, “The Supremacy of the dollar in the global underground has proven a boon to the American economy. . . . The new 500-euro note is perfect for black market activity. It has roughly five times the value of a $100 bill, allowing drug dealers and smugglers to lighten their suitcases. Portugal has banned the 500-euro note for those reasons, and its acceptance in other foreign undergrounds is not yet certain.” (page 6 of Reefer Madness)
I don’t know which I find more amusing, the fact that someone accepted the $200 George W. Bush note (see SG link above), or the fact that the US Treasury is often asked “Did the Treasury Department ever produce a $1 million currency note? I have one that I want to know about.” (see faq) I suppose I would want to know about it too.