Death Centipedes: Identified!

It turns out that animal I refer to as “Rare African Death Centipede” has actually been scientifically identified as a House Centepede (warning: the link contains a picture of horrible creature). Apparently they’re not (a) rare, (b) African, (c) harmful, or (d) oh no wait, they are still centipedes. Nevertheless, the title stays. Native Americans are not Indian’s by any stretch of the imagination, but did that stop Congress from legally defining them as such? Nope. So I carry on with the inaccurate name, mostly because “house centipede” sounds all cute like an inch worm or something. These beasts of nature come straight from the depths of bug hell.
Thanks to Doyle for pointing this out.

One thought on “Death Centipedes: Identified!”

  1. No problem–when they renovated the apartment below mine, we had a minor and gross centipede invasion as they ran away from their old home up to ours. Our kindly landlord had some dude put some dust down along the baseboards, and we’ve not seen one since. shudder.

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