Death Cab for Cutie Show Report

Death Cab for Cutie TicketI checked out the last show of the Death Cab for Cutie European tour last night in Amsterdam. If you ever find yourself going to a show at Paradiso in Amsterdam, know this: there is a smaller stage upstairs from the main room. After watching many of the people filter out of the main room as the staff started sweeping the floor, my co-show-goers and I became suspicious. We missed a good portion of the Death Cab for Cutie show before we finally started asking and looking around.
Nevertheless, it was a good show. The room was absolutely packed with fans, but only a few people so much as nodded their heads to the music – a very reserved crowd. The band asked, “Is this a normal night for everyone? You guys seem… tired.” There was no response.
I’ve heard that Dutch men and women are, on average, the tallest people in the world. This was evident last night too. Luckily, I’m 6’4” so I had no trouble seeing.