Dance Music Guide

Ishkur’s guide to electronic music is a gem of a site. (via naj) Many musicians hate to be defined, but dance music producers know full well that the track their working on is Gabber or Goa or what have you. I’ve even given little “lessons” to friends by digging through my records, but most non-enthusiasts tell me they can’t tell the difference between various styles anyway.
I actually wrote in to to suggest an “Atmospheric Drum & Bass” category back in the day – and they actually created it (though they called it “Ambient Drum & Bass”). You’ll once again be able to listen to my tracks as soon as CNET gets their act together. Maybe they’ll even name the category correctly.
Ishkur even has a couple famous breaks listed in his guide. Here’s a great article on some of the most famous breaks ever (with samples of course). I’m a little suspicious of any site that lists babes, booze, and cars in it’s navigation menu, but the article is worth it. (and it’s not just “for men” despite the slogan of the site – and it’s not “just for men” either – that’s a hair product of course)
If you want to do something of a reverse lookup of samples, try the Cover Songs Database. There used to be a site called Sample Spotter that was off to a good start, but now it’s just a bunch of sponsored links.