Computer Working / Job Update

Finally, my computer is working again. A few months ago my power supply started getting really hot, and the computer would eventually shut down on its own. Recently, “eventually” has been about half-an-hour, which is just enough time to start doing something but not enough time to have saved what you’re working on. Frustrating. So now it’s fixed. I had to buy a new sony-brand power supply for $150, but it works. So nice.
It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t write very much about my job, considering it takes up over 1/2 of my waking hours. Partly this is because of the attorney/client privilege, which prevents me from spilling the details of what I’ve been working on. More so though, its just because I haven’t been thinking about work while not there. Here’s a midsummer’s update though:
Work is really cool. I’m learning all kinds of practical stuff about setting up corporations (in Mass and en masse). None of my cases have actually gone from start to finish, but the ones that I picked up half-way through are close to done, and the ones I began are getting there. I’ve also been working on a trademark and some music contracts; both are really interesting. The best part is that I can apply a little bit of what I’ve learned in law school to real life. While it sometimes seems like anyone could do the work I’m doing, there are the these subtle details that one would only know to think about had she gone to law school (at least for a year). It’s good to see that some of that studying is paying off.