Community Hater

Apparently I’m a hater for setting up a law school discussion board, fostering a community through participation and promotion, and then being upset when people use my community to promote yahoo groups. I don’t know what part of me wants to protect free expression to the point where I’m willing to let people promote competing goods on my property, but some idealistic notion prevents me from hitting the delete button.
Arguments are brewing in the BU Students’ Discussion and Minnesota Students’ Discussion. Feel free to participate.

3 thoughts on “Community Hater”

  1. Well, Josh, you’re a lot more charitable than I am. My webspace is not a democracy; it’s a benevolent tyranny lording over an organized anarchy. Somebody doesn’t write something I like, it’s gone. And I like it that way. 😉 I admire your self-restraint even though I could never hope to emulate that sort of tolerance and generosity. Take care (and once I scrape up some money, I’m getting me a Tortfeasor shirt!). 🙂

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