Comment Spam Works

I’m getting several comment spam messages per day on this site despite my use of mt-blacklist. (“Comment spam” is the posting of irrelevant comments with links to increase one’s Google rank.) I’ve never actually checked out any of these online-poker-viagra-mortgage-pills, but today I did a Google search for the latest spam attack (“online-poker”) and was dismayed to see that my spammer has made it into the top ten for one of the most competitive search terms.
There are a couple proposed solutions to this problem which employ technical methods of stopping comment spam. How about a social method: competition. Instead of trying to delete comment spam (I’m too slow to react, and Google to fast to find the links) or prevent it (too burdensome), what if people changed the links to point to competing sites?
For example, removing my comment spam links to “online-poker” won’t hurt the spammers ranking as much as linking “online-poker” to Gambler’s Anonymous. Now the Gambler’s Anonymous site gets a boost, and my spammer gets pushed down to the second page of the Google results. Under the current methods, spammers have nothing to lose. We’re trying to prevent when we should be trying to deter.