Class Registration Woes

I just got an unsolicited email from “A group of highly motivated BU students.” Informing me that, for the low price of just $3.99 I can have RegAssist notify me of open seats in overbooked classes.
Shouldn’t the University be the ones helping students to get the classes they need?
I’ve been unimpressed with the registration system at BU. I don’t know if things are different for the undergrad classes (I suspect not), but the law school requires that students sign up for their desired classes in advance of any actual registration. There’s some sort of electronic system that then assigns classes (fairly, I presume) to each student based on those desired.
Such a system sounds great to me… if students were allowed to pick alternative classes for the event that they do not get into their first choices. Instead, we’re forced to sign up for the maximum number of credits and then drop those classes that we don’t need. The biggest problem with that is that the period in which students can drop classes does not begin until after the tuition costs are calculated and charged. If you’re “lucky” enough to get all the classes you signed up for, you have extra fees for those extra units, which you can’t recoup until much later. Of course, this always happens at the beginning of a semester, right as rent is due.
Regarding ResAssist, I don’t know whether I should be happy that students have taken it upon themselves to create a more efficient registration system (or at least a component of one) or bothered to see another for-profit enterprise stepping into an educational institution to fill a void that shouldn’t be there in the first place. I think I’m leaning towards the latter.
There is one thing I like about the BU registration system: it shows you pictures of all your professors. There’s a trade off for that though: your professors all get pictures of you.

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  1. The registration system is what I like to call “not good.” A word about getting charged for classes you are just going to drop–if you know you want to drop something prior to getting charged for it, just email the registrar with the course number and your name and tell them you want to drop it. They’ll cut it for you. I did it in the fall, because I really didn’t want to pay all that extra money. So I guess Add/Drop period is really just an Add period.

  2. Yeah – I emailed them once too to fix up that problem. I just don’t think people should have to ask for an exception when its such a common problem.

  3. Agreed. Especially for spring classes. I mean, why do we have to register for those in the summer? Since I, at least, inevitably change my mind about halfway through the fall about what I want to take. Ninnies.

  4. Andrew Sinclair,
    Sup Sup! Look how far you’ve come since San Miguel and Ortega…Im so proud of you. Its been a real long time bro, I never imagined you in law school. I just read your little quote in the National Jurist, while taking a shit in the faculty commode. I figured, “hey how many andrew sinclair’s could there be? It just might be him.” Wow, and it is. Well, Im in my 3rd yr of law school too, at Univ. Dayton School of Law, livin’ it up in Ohio ~ represent. Everything is going well over here, its been a really good year so far. Well bro, I have so much more to say….. but I just wanted to say hi. Please, email me back or IM me through AIM ( PhilUDSL ). Take care bro and I hope to hear from u soon.
    Phil Rios – UCSB 2001 UDSL 2004

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