City Size (Counting the People)

The most populated cities of the US (2000 Census Data):

New York 21,199,865
Los Angeles 16,373,645
Chicago 9,157,540
Washington D.C. 7,608,070
San Francisco 7,039,362
Philadelphia 6,188,463
Boston 5,819,100
Detroit 5,456,428
Dallas 5,221,801
Houston 4,669,571
Atlanta 4,112,198
Miami 3,876,380
Seattle 3,554,760
Phoenix 3,251,876
Minneapolis 2,968,806
Cleveland 2,945,831
San Diego 2,813,833
St. Louis 2,603,607
Denver 2,581,506
San Juan 2,450,292

This isn’t new information, but I think it’s interesting to look at now and then. I think most people’s ideas about metopolitan population sizes are pretty skewed, and I am no excepetion. New York is twice as populated as Chicago and nearly four times as populated as Boston. There are more people living in the Los Angeles metropolitan area than in those of Seattle, Phoenix, Boston, and San Diego combined.
The complete list is available on the Census website.