4 thoughts on “Charleston Chew Loft Space”

  1. Are you involved with this project? No Money?
    I a interested in loft space and would like to research more info.

  2. I’m not involved. I meant that I had dreams of having my own loft space, that those dreams are extra sweet if the loft space is an old candy bar factory, and that, alas, I have no money with which to buy any sort of real estate. In fact, I have quite a bit of debt.

  3. I am moving to Boston, from Washington, DC, next month and want a loft to live in. I’m a photographer and have desired a loft/studio space for as long as I can remember.
    I would like to rent for a year or two before I purchase something. Need to get a feel for Boston before I make a long-term decision.
    Can a decent industrial type loft be had for under $1600/month?

  4. From Boston Phoenix article:
    Issue Date: April 30 – May 6, 2004
    …In Kendall Square, studio (600 square feet), one-bedroom (900 square feet), and two-bedroom (900-1250 square feet) spaces are available in a converted factory building (www.bostonrealtynet.com; 617-267-2340). Towering white ceilings, bathed in light from oversize windows and skylights, lend a sublime brightness to these open spaces. A fitness center and laundry room are gravy. Studios start at $1400 per month, with one-bedrooms at around $1800, and two-bedrooms at about $2000.

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