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tortfeasor liquidation

To clear out space, I’m liquidating all tortfeasor stock starting today. Shirts are just $10, down from $17. Shipping is still the very reasonable $3 for one shirt. Most shirts are American Apparel, which means you’re probably buying below cost at this price. Get them while they last.

New tortfeasor Shirt

light brown tortfeasor shirttortfeasor shirts continue to sell, but it’s time to start phasing out the original black ink on white shirt design. tortfeasor was a gamble when I started it as a poor law student. The basic white shirt was the cheapest to make. Now that tortfeasor is a success, it’s time to step up the quality. Replacing the basic white shirt is a stylin American Apparel gym shirt in light brown with a contrasting collar: the new classic tortfeasor shirt.

tortfeasor Competition Heats Up

The market for law school novelty t-shirts (whaaaat?) is getting more players. I started tortfeasor in the summer of 2003, and since then I’ve seen at least two sites focusing on the law school market. I can’t seem to find the first one, but I just discovered Law School Stuff last night. Even has its own t-shirt (“free” but with $8 shipping).
I’m not impressed with the competition. The designs usually aren’t that good. Law School Stuff is an exception, but their originality comes at a price. They want $22 for a shirt with shipping (compared to tortfeasor’s $15), and I suspect their shirts use heat transfers rather than silk screening (the latter is much better quality, but harder to produce – the reason tortfeasor doesn’t have 20 shirts to choose from). Their shirts can take 3-5 weeks to ship (maybe they are doing screen printing) compared to tortfeasor’s next day shipping. I admit that the selection is better, but it’s one thing to draw up a bunch of shirts – another to actually make them and sell them for a reasonable price. This is the reason I dislike cafepress.
Nevertheless, as I said the other day, I am glad that technology is enabling this kind of start up.

tortfeasor Site Update

tortfeasor siteThe tortfeasor site got a bit of an update today. There were some browser problems that should now be fixed, and it needed a couple touch-ups in places. I’m still going for a very clean, very simple design, and I think I’ve managed to keep those aspects of the site.

New Women’s tortfeasor Shirt

law t-shirtThe Miss Feasance (get it?) shirt from tortfeasor comes out today. I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for a fitted women’s shirt and people seem to specifically like tank tops. Thus I bring you: the Miss Feasance shirt.
I’m happy to be using American Apparel brand shirts for these. American Apparel is a progressive company making really nice clothes sweatshop free.
As a promotion for the new shirt, I’m also bringing back the blogger’s discount on all tortfeasor shirts. Link to the shirts from your blog and get $2 off.