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Image Jacking

I found an absurd discussion of the war between Lemons and Limes because they’re using my picture of limes from the Haymarket Gallery (see link on the right). I’m not really that protective of my copyrights, but it does annoy me when people steal my bandwidth (I’m still hosting the image).
To solve the problem I made a little modification to the original lime picture file, which used to look like this, but now looks like this. To see it in action, check out the lemon / lime thread and scroll down a little. Muhaha.

Long Trip Home

I finally made it home last night around 10. My flight out of Cleveland was cancelled so I got stuck there for a while. I spent most of the day catching up on food shopping, laundry, and course selection. The system for choosing classes at BU is pretty weak. I was happy until I heard of a bad professor and until one of my classes changed its name to something very similar to a class I already took (no sense taking e-commerce twice). Now I have to try to reorganize.
The New Orleans pictures are now online. Enjoy.

Slippy Planes

When I started this website I was just short of obsessed with updating it daily. Um, those days are over. I’m still here though.
I’ve been traveling for my winter break. I went home to Seattle for Christmas and then welcomed the new year in New Orleans. I’m now on the plane returning to Boston and they’ve just announced, during that last sentance, that Cleveland airport is “closed” because a plane “slipped off the runway” and they’re “cleaning that up”. So we’re supposed to be holding for an hour and may be diverted to Detriot. It’s not a good time to have a connection in Cleveland.
If I live to see Boston again, I’ll soon have a new “photo gallery” for the New Oleans trip.

Blogger Problems

I think my brain may be full, but as long as some knowledge gets pushed out, there’ll be room for more. I’ve one full day left until two days of torture (exams).
This might explain the lack of activity here, but another reason is that blogger* seemed to be having some technical difficulties, not unlike our nation.
*note the “powered by blogger” logo in the bottom corner of this page – indeed this page is powered by blogger

Six Months

I don’t know what happened to the formating yesterday. Does anyone know what I did wrong?
Today is my half-birthday. I realize that this is not a big deal for most people. It’s not a big deal for me either. However, birthdays do actually mean something – namely that you’ve been alive for x number of years. Since age is generally measured only in yearly terms, it is up to 364 days inaccurate. Shouldn’t we balance the inaccuracy and celebrate half-birthdays instead? That way, on any given day where we would say, “I am x years old” we would at most be only 182 off. This would like saying, “I am 25, give or take.” Instead of saying, “I am 25 or older, but not yet 26.” Of course, it would seem odd to celebrate the point in the year at which one is most far away from the aniversary of his birth. Hmm.

Webtrends Live Ceases Free Service

Apparently the free version of Web Trends Live (no link because, well, I’m mad at them) has been discontinued. I understand that these companies need to make money, but I, like many others, cannot afford to pay. I hope for their sake that at least a couple people upgrade to paid service. It looks like my site statistics (for this and have been lost. Boo!
Web Trends Live is a tracking service that works by loading an image (like the one at the bottom of this page) every time a page is loaded. They can then analyze their logs to create traffic reports for any website. You can analyze your own log files if you know how, but this takes software and the free stuff doesn’t have the nifty charts and graphs of traffic data.
This isn’t especially hard to do, and there are several companies that still offer free service. Web Trends Live had the product team to make a very aesthetically pleasing site though, and there’s no free substitute. The best I can find is sitemeter. Looks like I’ll have to switch.

Looming Contracts Exam

My Contracts exam is less than one day away. (I capitalize “Contracts” to show my respect.) I always liked Contracts. I’d say it was easily my favorite class this year. Still, I’m a bit worried about the exam. The issue spotting is tough, and the issues are detailed. I’ve been taking a lot of practice exams and they’re tough. (If anyone is interested, there are plenty of past exams from my professor (Pettit) and others in the Harvard Law School Exam Archive, not available from the website are the memos explaining what the professor was looking for, but I can assure you there is a lot going on in those questions.)
In other news, I noticed that this page has been linked from Law Student Paradise. Welcome to anyone visiting from there. This is the first real link to this site (that I am aware of) and now I feel strangely obligated to talk about law school and not to miss an update. I’m hoping to add a “comments” feature where you all can comment on my posts, but that’s probably going to have to wait until the summer (T = – one week).

First Post

Hi there – for some reason today I decided to start making this website. Now it’s 10:30pm and it looks like I’ve made some pretty good progress. I think it’s time to go outside.