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Moved to WordPress

I finally moved this site from Moveable Type to WordPress. What a pain. For one thing, I’m about 10 years late on that. A lot of the help online for making that transition is outdated. Two other things are painful: (1) keeping (or at least redirecting) my old permalinks to keep them permanent, and (2) moving my site design over.

For #1, I tried a lot of different things and ended up just rebuilding the existing pages with a javascript redirect. For #2, I decided that the old design wasn’t worth trying to copy over. I kept the key color and I may make some other adjustments to the WordPress default theme (or make a new theme some other day).

TypeKey Comments

I think comments are once again enabled. There were lots of problems with spammers and I tried to use the TypeKey service but apparently set it up incorrectly. It’s working correctly now, so you can comment after creating a free TypeKey account (also useful for commenting on other sites).
Now, for anyone having a problem with TypeKey on their Movable Type site and getting an error message like this: “The site you’re trying to comment on has not signed up for this feature,” here’s the secret: in addition to adding the TypeKey token to your Movable Type settings, you also have to add the path to your comment’s script to your TypeKey account. You need something like this: “http://[your site]/mt/mt-comments.cgi”

Re-Design Part II

Well I’m happy to say that my little re-design here is essentially done. There are probably some minor issues that need to be fixed, but generally I’m happy with the way things are looking.
It’s not a huge departure from the old design, but this time all the formatting is done with cascading style sheets. There are no tables at all! (Well, I didn’t change the photo gallery pages, so there are still some tables there, but I’ll change that some day.)
If anyone sees anything weird (maybe it looks different on your computer), please let me know.
I should give some credit to Jeffrey Zeldman and his book Designing with Web Standards. The book was a great resource to me in re-working this site and Law School Discussion.
Finally, I’m no expert at this stuff, but I’ve learned a lot about cascading style sheets and Moveable Type. If you have any questions about what I’ve done here (technically), don’t hesitate to ask.

Re-design Part I

Well I’m working on redesigning this site, but it is 10:48pm and the computer lab closes at 11:00pm, so what you see is what you get for the rest of the day (still a lot of day left in the US).
I’ll explain more on the design tomorrow. In the meantime, be patient because there are a couple bugs that I still have to fix.

Bag and Baggage

I want to welcome visitors from Denise Howell’s quality Bag and Baggage site. I want to let you know that I do write on law and law school, and that you can find such writings using the category links on the right.
This site is not so organized to always be about law school or law, and lately there has been a lot of fluff. Please don’t let this discourage you from looking around.

Are You Average?

Based on an informal glance through my referrer logs, I’d say the average visitor to this website wants to (a) play a mini-putt game (b) on a bus to New York (c) while armed with a super-soaker water gun (d) on a quest for chicken and waffles. Oh, and the average visitor also has a lego-related sex fetish.
And writing about these things again probably just made them all worse. Oh dear.

Huge Site Update

I’ve been working on some significant changes to this site over the last few days. I think I’m finally finished.
Obviously, the site is at a new domain:, but the real updates have been technological. I’m running Moveable Type now and it has enabled me to make all different types of archives. Each post now has its own link, and you can view old posts by category and date. Comments are hosted right here on, so they should run better than before.
It’s going to take a little while to update all the old posts to include titles, but that’s a pretty minor thing. The important thing is that everything is up and running. I ran into all kinds of problems with the server, Moveable Type installation, and design problems, but it was an adventure and now I can shower and change my clothes.