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My Apartment

For the first time in my life, I have my very own apartment. It’s quite comfortable, and it features three of the ugliest lamps I’ve ever seen. I thought I might share these with the world:

There’s no internet access in my apartment, but the student center right across the street provides plenty of wireless bandwidth so the pace of this site should be limited only by my own laziness or incapacity – no technological or practical limitations.

Arrival in Leiden

My journey to Leiden took me through Iceland. This is because I flew on Icelandair, which I now realize is pretty much a budget airline. There were no free drinks or extra legroom on my Icelandair flights – to the contrary – a Coke costs $1.50 – but yes, you get the whole can. This is at least better than the $5 lunch I bought on my last US Air trip. (photos coming soon to
One of the terminals at Reykjavik is gorgeous. It features windowed jetways, hardwood floors, and stylish seating areas. Unfortunately, I had to go through immigration to get to my connecting gate in the carpeted-wall portion of the airport.
Iceland looks like a fascinating country, and I’d love to spend some time there someday. If you’re interested in reading up a little more, I highly recommend taking a look at Nick Aster’s trip.
From Iceland, it’s a few hours flight down to the Amsterdam airport. From there, it’s just 15 minutes on the train to Leiden. I’ll take some pictures of Leiden over the next few months so you can see what it looks like.

Semester Abroad Begins

My semester abroad is officially underway. I’ll start with some background that can be referred to later when people are confused about what I’m writing about. Here goes:
I’m finishing my last semester of law school (I go to Boston University) at Leiden University in The Netherlands. I’m on one of several programs offered through BU. The classes are in English and count fully back in Boston. Grades show up on my transcript but don’t count towards my BU gpa, and I pay the full BU price.
Leiden is a university town roughly between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It’s very near The Hague (the capital) and the cheese-famous Gouda.
I’m starting a new category on this site that will house everything I write about Leiden and my experiences here. I bring you: leiden.