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Changing Lanes

My Constitutional Law exam is now over and I can go on with my life. Next item on the agenda: tomorrow’s Property exam. I think I’m ready for it so now I’m trying to figure out if I should try to relax a bit, study something else, or try to cram in every tiny detail of the hazier areas of Property Law.
I took a break yesterday to check out Changing Lanes. Overall I’d say it was a pretty good movie. The basic principle was familiar: people that make big mistakes and keep digging themselves deeper, and the characters have the all too familiar struggle of forgiveness and revenge. Still I think it was done pretty well. There were some cool NYC scenes and the opening features a great atmospheric drum & bass track. I can’t seem to figure out who produced it though. I guess I should have stayed for the credits.

London Panoramic Photos

There’s a cool collection of panoramic photos on These aren’t panoramic in the sense that they’re cropped and enlarged to create a long/skinny picture. (I’ve always been annoyed at those camera manufacturers who try to make it seem like you’re getting “more” in by using the panoramic feature.) These photos, however, are full 360 degree views – in motion! Check out the Cambridge Circus photo. I once saw a helicopter land right where the camera is. Four guys in uniforms got out and started running. I never did figure out what was going on.

Notebook Art

Another day of mostly studying. Looking through my property notes today, I saw that I had drawn some pretty cool little shapy things. I thought I’d share a couple of the best:

Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is tommorrow. I never really gave much thought to marathons, but seeing that Beacon Street is part of the route, I thought I’d look into it a bit. There’s a pretty cool video showing the entire route in high speed. I really like time-lapse photography. This one isn’t that amazing, but I think it’s worth a look. I’ve seen a similar video of the drive from Bristol to Portishead (yes, Portishead is a place) on the Portishead (now referring to the band) video. The music in the Portishead video is obviously much better than the Boston Marathon video.

Arts Law Association Photo Contest

Today was the judging for the BU Arts Law Association‘s “Samuel Postbrief Photo Contest”. This year’s theme: “Torts Illustrated”. Two of us ran around the school this morning posting flyers for the event. We seem to have prompted a school-wide “Flyer Policy” email. Ooops. Needless to say, a lot of people stopped by to check out the photos…
And to vote! My photo of a dog peeing on a giant tank of nitrogen (see “NYC Trip Photo Gallary“) won second place in the people’s choice category. I guess people liked it. The pictures were really great – very creative. I’m surprised I won – considering the competition. Hopefully the photos will end up online somewhere so I can link to them.