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Paper Chase, and The End of Q1

I finally got a chance to watch The Paper Chase last night. The movie follows a student through his turbulent first year at Harvard Law School. Like most popular films about niche topics, this one has a reputation for being kinda sorta accurate but not really. (For example: Gleaming the Cube: it had some real skaters doing real tricks, but I don’t think too many of those kids got their friends to fly them around to look for empty swimming pools. (What fool is selling this thing on for $50?!))
I was surprised however to see that this movie really portrayed law school in much the same way as it actually is today. We got called on just like those people, we “outlined” like those people, and we even started with the same case: Hawkins v. McGee. Granted we didn’t check into hotel rooms to study (well, at least no one I know did – maybe I was hanging around with the slackers). The hair and moustaches were shorter and shaved, respectively. My professors generally weren’t as mean as the professor in the movie, but in many ways I’d say they were more challenging. They didn’t take volunteers or call on other people to help you out of a tough spot, they just kept asking questions. Generally though, I wouldn’t at all say its an inaccurate picture of law school.
It’s been a long nine months since those early days when law school was new. I’m rather happy to be done for the summer.
Another thought – since it’s 1:40am on the west coast as I write this… I am now finished with the 25th year of my life. (‘Tis my birthday.) I believe this is the last birthday of on-paper significance until I’m old enough to claim senior citizens discounts. I am now old enough to rent a car, and to no longer be covered on my parents dental insurance – which explains why my mom made me go to the dentist today. I hadn’t been for something like four years. One small cavity, no anesthetic. Amazing.

Walking with Rantoul

Today I went for the mother of all walks. I walked all the way from my apartment, which is on the edge of Brookline, to the North End and back (most of the way). I think that comes out to about five miles. Hmm. Doesn’t seem so far now.
I picked up a 12″ from Rantoul. I think I’d have to say that Rantoul is one of my favorite artists on Good Looking Records, and of course Good Looking is one of my favorite labels.
A friend from high school, Ari Shapiro, managed a quick trip up to Boston from New York yesterday. I’m sure he’ll be reporting the details in his live journal.

Noise Complaint

This is ridiculous. There were a total of five people here last night (three of whom live here), drinking wine and chatting – no music. I would say that this apartment is below average when it comes to making noise. We make an affirmative effort not to disturb our neighbor (this isn’t the first complaint). I find it incredibly irksome that we cannot enjoy our own apartment on a Friday night without complaints from our egg-shell neighbor.
That’s my rant for the day.

End of First Year

My first year of law school is officially over. The last exam half easy (essay questions) and half impossible (multiple choice). It doesn’t really matter though, the entire year of work is completed, and our grades will be determined without further student influence.
Thus it’s been a long weekend of doing basically nothing. I cleaned up my room yesterday and got rid of all those old exams and notes that were laying all over the floor. I listed a bunch of books on, but they don’t seem to be showing up yet ( is bad about that).
There is still one more task before I can finally put the year to rest. Due next week is the writing competition memo. To be on a journal next year, one has to do a good job on the writing competition, so there’s still a bit of work to do.

Long Exam Part 2

I’m halfway through my Constitutional Law take-home exam and frankly, it’s torture. I’m not going to get into the details but I find it extremely frustrating. (So much so that I had to stop working on it to update this site, even though I really have nothing to say.)

Constitutional Law Exam Begins Tomorrow

T = -1 day.
Tomorrow I pick up my Constitutional Law exam. It’s a take home so I’ll be subjected to a grueling 48 hours of eat, sleep, and Constitutional Law. Oh yeah!!!
It’s “limited open book” so I’ll be forced to stare at the closed cover the Emanuel law outline (the only place to get a clear explanation of anything) while my cheater classmates (no evidence, it just seems probable) discuss the test over a pint at the BU pub. Oh the burden of my honest ways…

Arts Law Association Photo Contest

Today was the judging for the BU Arts Law Association‘s “Samuel Postbrief Photo Contest”. This year’s theme: “Torts Illustrated”. Two of us ran around the school this morning posting flyers for the event. We seem to have prompted a school-wide “Flyer Policy” email. Ooops. Needless to say, a lot of people stopped by to check out the photos…
And to vote! My photo of a dog peeing on a giant tank of nitrogen (see “NYC Trip Photo Gallary“) won second place in the people’s choice category. I guess people liked it. The pictures were really great – very creative. I’m surprised I won – considering the competition. Hopefully the photos will end up online somewhere so I can link to them.