BU to Type Law School Exams

Based on what I hear from friends at other law schools (and a certain discussion board), taking an exam a laptop is no unusual thing. BU has been a late adopter, but this year my laptop will replace my roommate’s bulky, loud, typewriter as my implement of exam destruction.
Unfortunately, the exam system requires a floppy drive, which I will have to buy and lug around (my computer has no drives, and I haven’t needed one until now). The school has a great, secure, wireless network already in place. How about software that constantly uploads (and backs-up) one’s exam? Or are there no competing exam software makers to drive this kind of innovation?
I’d argue that special software is not even needed (that we could all just promise not to use certain features), but apparently law students cannot be trusted. Are we trusted upon graduation?
Well, I’ll buy the drive, use the software, and be happy that at least some of my law school exams are prepared the way 99% of documents are created these days: by computer.