BU Law Student Cheats, Then Sues BU

It’s always a little bit amusing to me when I hear about law students suing their law schools. It’s the perfect paradox: they teach us to find legal causes of action, but we find a cause of action in that teaching itself.
The latest lawsuit has been filed against my very own alma mater: Boston University. The claim: discrimination and breach of contract for not allowing the plaintiff to graduate after finding that she had committed plagiarism in four papers.
Now, call me crazy, but I don’t think people that cheat in law school should be able to get the degree. Law school isn’t easy, but it would be if cheaters were allowed to graduate, and that would effectively invalidate the honest majority’s hard work (we’d be fools to earn a degree that could be obtained by cutting and pasting the paragraphs of others).
There’s a little more to this story, so I’ll let you decide for yourself (or wait for the courts to decide). Articles here, here, and here.

One thought on “BU Law Student Cheats, Then Sues BU”

  1. Sure. She cheated. But BU still screwed her. The least BU could have done was give her some notice that she would not be able to graduate. Instead, BU took her tuition dollars for nearly 1.5 years after the date of the infraction and then denied her a diploma on graduation day. Only BU would pull such stunts.

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