Bollocks to the A**holes

Foley Hoag Partner John Welch reports on last week’s TTAB decision to deny trademark registration of the mark “A**HOLE” “on the ground that [it] comprises immoral or scandalous matter.” The applicant argued that a**hole doesn’t just refer to a detestable person but also to the anus of course. Read the opinion [pdf] for some other interesting uses and fun facts about the word “a**hole”. If you find this sort of thing amusing, you might also be interested in the now classic f-word brief.
Such legal swear word shenanigans remind me of a British case involving a particular Sex Pistol’s album title fabulously described by Richard Branson in his autobiography:

’So one of your staff has been arrested for displaying the word “bollocks”?’ said Professor Kingsley. ‘What a load of bollocks! Actually, the word bollocks is an eighteenth century name for…’

I wouldn’t want to give away the end. This is on page 162 of Losing My Virginity, which I highly recommend reading – much better than Branson’s TV show.