Blizzard of 2005

There was quite a snow storm last night in much of the northeast United States. Here in Boston, the forecast actually said “blizzard”, which is an interesting word because it has no present continuous tense like other weather verbs: raining, snowing, etc. It was “blizzarding” for most of the night, and this morning there was more than two feet of snow on the ground.
I went for a walk around my neighborhood (Central Square, Cambridge) and took a few pictures:
snowy Brookline Street Central Square
There were some huge snow drifts, but the biggest heaps were plow-induced hills along the sides of the street.
snowy Middle East Restruant Cambridge
A lot of local restaurants and businesses are actually open today, but not the Middle East Restaurant which is closed due to “brrrrrrrr”.
shirtles snow shoveler
Not everyone outside is cold. This guy was apparently working up quite a sweat digging out the fire hydrant, and apparently figured that he could strengthen his macho image by wearing a considerable amount of bling around his neck.