Beer is Cheaper Than Water

water and beerNaj of The Take suggested I use my record company refund to purchase the liquid essence of life: beer. In fact he may be on to something. In the Netherlands you can actually buy flavorful domestic bears like Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch for less than the price of a bottle of water. Pictured here are the actual items and price paid at my local supermarket. I’ll grant that you do get a little more water than beer, and that the beer required a small deposit for the bottle. Still, this shopping experience brings the old fraternity maxim: “Conserve Water, Drink Beer” one step closer to actually making sense. On the other hand, “Donate Blood – Play Rugby” still has no practical application.

2 thoughts on “Beer is Cheaper Than Water”

  1. Hey Andrew. I’m a American military judge in Germany, and was just accepted to the LLM at Leiden in International Criminal Law for 2004-2005. Hear anything about that program? BTW, beer’s cheaper than water in Germany too, and pretty dang good!

  2. Congrats Wayde, Leiden is a great place to study. I don’t know anything in particular about the International Criminal program, but my International Organizations professor does seem to know a lot of people at the ICC – so there are some first-hand resources here. Plus – The Hague is only about 15 minutes away!

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