Bar Review Starts

barbri booksToday was the first day of my $2,400 bar review course. For that amount, I get a massive stack of books and a special badge that allows me to go downtown and watch a video for four hours each day. A strange thing about the building is that you have to use a special bathroom key for the bathroom. Clearly the building has had problems with people coming in off the street, running past the security guards, getting into the elevators, going to the eighth floor, finding the bathroom, and using it in a manner that causes severe disgust among the floor’s co-inhabitants.
I’ll probably be complaining a lot about the BarBri course this summer, but in their defense I will say that I was happy with the first lecture from Professor Charles Whitebread. Check out his 1995-era web site.

3 thoughts on “Bar Review Starts”

  1. Andrew:
    I took the bar exams (multi-state, state bar and MPRE) several years ago, and did very well after lots of preparation. The thing I remember most, however, is the way it was described by one of my professors beforehand: a process of hazing, pure and simple. 🙂

  2. Yes, I too had Mr. Charles Whitebread — although live and in person! He was one of the more engaging Bar Reviewers, which may mean that it only gets worse.
    Good luck to you in your prep — It was total hell.

  3. I feel your pain on the $2400 Prep Course. I just got done shelling out $1,250 for my LSAT Prep Course (Testmasters) that I’ll be taking this summer.

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