Bar Exam Logistics

wallet on a scaleAs the BarBri bar exam class draws to a close, it’s becoming clear that the bar exam is indeed real and not just the confusing nightmare I was hoping to wake up from at any moment. Actual logistical preparations are now taking place:
The Democratic National Convention is happening at the same time as the bar exam in Boston. I keep hearing reports on the news about how bad it will be. By “bad” I think they mean crowded. Crowded I can handle. The way it’s presented on TV you’d think a tornado warning had just been declared. When I ask people about this, they mention the fact that many of the roads will be closed. Well sure, that will certainly cause a bit of a mess. I’m completely confused as to how the closing of roads will facilitate transportation to and from the convention. Maybe I just don’t understand what the DNC is all about.
Time will tell, but not for me. I’ll be busy being examined in beautiful Albany, NY for the first couple days of the convention. Seat assignments are in and I’m happy not to have been placed in the Pepsi Arena on a football field (see here). “The New York bar exam is brought to you by… Pepsi. Take the Pepsi Challenge!”
In fact you’d be allowed to have a Pepsi at the exam as long as it’s smaller than 20 fl. oz. When I first read this 20 oz. requirement (I added the “fl.”) I thought it referred to the maximum permitted weight of one’s wallet (my brain mis-processed the two column layout – it was late). It didn’t seem that outlandish that the bar examiners would limit the permissible weight of one’s wallet considering the specificity of the other requirements and the seriousness of the bar exam. My wallet weighs in at 4 oz. I think you’d have to be (1) rich or (2) blatantly cheating to need to bring a 20 oz wallet to the bar exam, but it turns out there is no explicit rule against having such a hefty bulge in your pants.

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  1. I’ll be taking the exam in Albany as well. Best of luck–I am glad this experience will soon be over.

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